Anne spends many hours in her little “con amore” workshop at Tversted Skole, going deep into the fantastic world of glazes. After a long career in health science and with a background in biochemistry, she still has an immense thirst for knowledge of what is going on “down in the substance” when a new glaze is under development. This basic curiosity is the foundation of all the items she makes in her workshop.

Beaty is found in the imperfect”
– Anne Midtgaard


The foundation or the ”painting canvas” where Anne uses her glazes, is cast in porcelain clay or is made in stoneware made by a plate technique. Little by little creative process has naturally arrived where it is primarily bowls, plates and cups and other items with strong reference to the Japanese kitchen which are made in the workshop. Anne makes smaller series of items or single items. You can see and possibly buy the items when the workshop is open or in the shop for the workshops at the school. Annes inspiration has over time become rooted in Japanese philosophy an esthetical understanding, which appreciates the deeper depth in world as it is that what is seen by the human eye. The beauty is in the imperfect and life and things are accepted as they are – fleeting and temporary. This is exactly the aspect which she is exploring working with the glazes and the clay. Things which cannot be controlled, just led on their way. Hereby a small part of the understanding of the tiny things constant affect on the bigger floating perspective.

Anne Midtgard
Telefon: 21191615
Mail: amidtgaard@gmail.com
Instagram: @papococeramics

Open: When working and the door is open