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When Tversted Skole was an active elementary school you could find 1st grade in the last room in the south western hallway. Today Nanna and Kaisa have their own weaving room here, but they have kept the name for the room as 1st Grade (which also can mean “First Class” in Danish). They share a passion for weaving, but normally they work on each their project.

In this room there is also a big 3 m wide loom, which you can borrow for a bigger project. However, as the loom is too big to be moved, the projects must be made in this room.

Nana is a full-blooded crafts person. The past many years she has focused mainly on spinning and weaving – including tapestry weaving. When Nanna moved from her former home at a farm to a smaller house, she knew there would be no room for a loom, so now she is weaving in 1st Grade, and she also teaches spinning on spinning wheels or drops spindles. Nanna does not make items to order, but sometimes she has an item for sale. You can find the items for sale at the shop at the end of the high walkway.

Nanna Guldsmed-Thomsen
Mail: orna@post.tele.dk

From the name you can hear that Kaisa has her origins in Sweden, but now she is living in Ålbæk (a village near Tverted). Kaisa has been weaving since she was 10 years old. She learnt the trade at Gokstad Kystlag in Sandefjord (Norway), where there is a very fine and diverse crafts tradition.

Kaisa worked 12 years as a textile conservator in Sandefjord, and she was in charge of the collections at Vestfoldmuseums. She was very fond of the association in Gokstad and spend her off time weaving, maintaining sails and wooden boats and singing in the Shanty Choir.

Her connection to Tversted Skole started at the Christmas market in 2018. In 1st Grade she met Nanna and a loom which was not in use. Nanna became here weaving buddy and the sparring partner, she has been looking for when she became a pensioner. Now they weave togethr every Wednesday morning.

Kaisa Bengtsson
Mail: kaisacatifes@hotmail.com
Telefon: 91812656