The animals on the school ground


Tversted Skole and the shop at Skagensvej are surrounded by grass fields, where we have alpacas and sheep. In 2017 the first alpacas arrived, and we now have 4 mares named Carmen, Frida, Evita and Isabel. The mares and the stallions should not be in the same field year-round, so we normally have a stallion visiting early summer, so we can have foals the next summer.

So far we only had males which we have had to let go, when they got bigger, but we hope to be lucky to get female foals next year, so we can increase our little flock.

Alpacas are related to lamas, which are bigger animals used as pack-animals in the Andes. Alpacas are bred from their relative, Vikunya, which has a very soft and warm wool. Like lamas alpacas are knotwn to spit if it is threathened or in other ways dissatisfied. Among the animals at the school it is only Carmen, the oldest, who spit at the younger mares to show who is the boss.

Alpacas er curious but also very careful. They do not like to be petted and normally keep a certain distance to visitors.

In the fields near the future ULDENS HUS at Skagensvej 74 there is a small flock of the old Nordic race of sheep, Spelsau. We have two mother sheeps with lambs. And we have our 10 year old ewe, Thyra.