The bookbinder


The bookbinder Jes Bonde Nielsen took the education as bookbinder in 1967-1971. Since 1980 he has run his own bookbinding workshop. The first many years in Hjørring and now in Tversted Skole.

He makes traditional bookbinding with a strong focus on the craft. He can make new books in limitid editions; repair and restore older, worn books; make hard covers for a collection af magazines and make gold print for hymn books etc.

You clearly feel that Jes has a background as a public school teacher, when he tells about his work in the workshop. He can explain every detail in the process and he is happy to share his knowledge.

The bookbinder maintains the books for a number of technial and professional libraries, where it is important that the book bindings are durable and similar to the previos years bindings. Jeg also hels courses in bookbinding. Keep an eye on the School Calendar. 

Jes Bonde
Telefon: 40797497