The weaving room


Bente is the daily leader and teacher in the weaving room at Tversted Skole. She was educated an elementary school teacher in art, sewing and weaving. For many years Bente has taught both elementary school children and adults at night school. The many years of experience has made Bente the expert weaver she has become today.

With a wide and substantial experience but still a curiosity to play with different materials, Bente has give the weaving room at Tversted Skole a wonderful atmosphere, where both floor looms, tapestry looms and small pin looms are used by children and adult participants in the different courses.

Since 2016 Bente has taught a night school course from September to April. Many of the first participants are still weaving at the school and they have become very experienced and clever weavers.

In the summer Bente has beginners courses for floor looms and tapestry weaving. She also offers courses in the small tapestry looms at the size of an iPhone..

You can buy items made by Bente in the weaving room and in the shop in the southe western hallway.

Bente has woven a 6 meter long, 70 cm wide piece as a part of the project: “Dataspejlet” (Data mirror) which is exhibited at the artmuseum Trapholt until November 2022.

In the weaving room you find everything needed for weaving: 10 floor looms and all equipment for frame weaving and tapestry weaving.

As a guest in the weaving room you will experience the big commitment from both teacher and students in the weaving community. Together the visitors are inspiret while they experiment with both materials and techniques.

Please notice that you need to be a participant in a course in order to book a loom.

Benthe Winther
Telefon: 28770745

Facebook and Instagram: Wintherweave
Here, new courses regularly come up.