Welcome Tversted school



 There are courses for Paper Making, Letter Press, Bookbinding, Ceramics, Sculpturing. For textile works there is weaving, plant dyeing and spinning using the wool from the sheep and alpacas who live near the school. As well Isager knitting courses. Willow weaving and sewing courses are also being offered.


The school is big and full of opportunities. The association “Kultur på Tversted Skole” (Culture at Tversted School) is active in inviting interesting speakers and making activities like the Christmas market (1st weekend in December), morning assembly with songs every other Friday.


The guesthouse is in the former teachers’ residence building. The guesthouse consists of 3 family rooms for up to 5 persons in each room on the first floor and 4 rooms with 2 single beds each on the second floor. Participants from the courses and general visitors to Tversted can rent a room.

Upcomming activities